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Coming from adoption, Keesha Rivers is a native of Reddick, Florida, a mother of one son, Prince Brian, who she raised being a strict teenage single parent, and also has been welcomed to the “Grandmother Club” with two precious grandsons Brian Jr. ( BJ) and Kaidyn (Baby K).


Inspired by her grandmother, the late Clara Bell Downing- Medlock, FAMILY is very important. She learned from her the most that family doesn’t always have to be blood related and no one should be left behind. God loves us ALL! 


Although her talented journey started way before her adult years, Keesha has always been considered a leader in the community from elementary to high school. Starting out with her love for music at eight years old and gradually growing into what is still known to be her biggest accomplishment since high school; Keesha was youngest  African American Drum Major, for Marion County in Florida, when she was only a sophomore at 15 years old. She is still celebrated till this day, at such level of achievement for her time. 

Keesha is the owner of three businesses: K.R. Consulting, IAmFla’Vore Productions and The Fla’Vore-Aide Radio Show. Keesha is also a Curvy Model for several Department stores, Award Winning Actress, Playwright and a Motivational Speaker. Ms. Rivers is also an inductee to the National Congress of Black Women. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Keesha worked 7 Years in the Juvenile Justice system from monitoring, supervising and counseling adolescents ages 12-18 years of age. She mentors children, young adults and business clients on a regular basis; which has led her to her mentees nicknaming her as “ Momma Keesha," along with providing life coaching skills to many of all ages and has been blessed with many other talents. Keesha received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in September 2014 and earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in September 2017 from the University of Phoenix. 


Keesha also has a love for writing music and has also sang professionally with the Greater Florida Mass Choir. The choir traveled from all parts of Florida. They recorded live in Nashville, TN and was featured on the legendary Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show as well as Bishop Paul Morton church for a live recording in Jacksonville, FL in the early 2000’s. 


Keesha is known for her big heart for the community and acts as an advocate to help stop violence against young adults by sharing her past experiences in hopes of making a difference. With that, Keesha attended all rallies held in Sanford, FL for the late Trayvon Martin and had the pleasure of meeting Martin Luther King III, Bernice King, Roland Martin and Rev. Jessie Jackson along with many other celebrities throughout her Outreach journey.

Keesha has been invited to partake in many honors including making her debut appearance on the Greenleaf TV series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She has also been honored to have Tyler Perry as her boss for several of his projects. Keesha has also been selected for several speaking roles on other television platforms as well, being on the Samy Priso TV late night Show on Dish Network Bright House Channel 49, working with the Wordnet , Atlanta Live TV,  S.C.R.A.M TV Talk show for Victims of Molestation and Rape, being invited to see Sen. Geraldine Thompson sworn in at the Florida State Capitol, several magazine interviews, the first Pageant Director for former Ebony Magazine Commentator/Model Mrs. Jada Jackson and attendance at the second-term inauguration of President Barack Obama in January 2013 invited by Congresswoman Corrine Brown. 


Keesha is honored as a part of the Stellar Award Winning Radio Station WOKB since 2007 from Operations Manager, Radio Host
(mentored by the late Tammy Green) and now has her own Radio Show “ The Fla'Vore-Aide Radio Show” promoting other Radio Host.
IAmFla'Vore Productions had the pleasure of assisting with Marketing and Promoting a Kickoff Concert for Season 3 Sunday Best Winner very first Album “The Awakening of Le’Andria” in 2011 which is now a Grammy and Stellar Award Winning Artist Le’Andria Johnson. Keesha was asked by Le’Andria to stand as an appreciation for her effort for the standing room only event.

In April 2013, Keesha became the youngest honoree ever to receive the Central Florida “Living Legends Oscar Award” by Pastor Pam Powell for her humble work and achievements in the community. Just to name a few more… Keesha was also voted and awarded as “ATL Hottest Actress 2017.” Keesha was also honored at the 2018 ATL Actors Awards for her variety of categories in Acting, Writing, Best Selling Author and Producing, 2019 Women of Strength Award , Tyler Perry Award Nominee in Las Vegas, NV.  Keesha was awarded the Celebrity Magazine ACHI as “Woman of the year 2019” in Atlanta, GA.  In 2020, with 30 guest in attendance, Keesha received the Woman of Honor Award 2020 as one of Atlanta, GA recognized Recipients. 


All while living during a Pandemic, Keesha currently is living her dream in Hollywood, CA, working on several projects; including game shows, speaking roles and recently was awarded her first Lead Role in a Short Film, which landed the film in eight Film Festivals in 2021 walking away with 4 individual film festival awards. One being for best performances. Keesha was recently chosen as a guest Tricky Eater Judge” on the Food Network’s newest and only Plant - Based show, hosted by: Tabitha Brown called “It’s CompLiPlated”. Her episode can be found on season 1, episode 3. 

Keesha has also written skits for churches, written songs and released her first book on October 1, 2016 at celebrity restaurant, Mary Macs Tea Room in Atlanta, GA titled “Mama, They Didn’t Mean It," where she completely sold out of all of her books to all in attendance; which has now become a BEST SELLER in less than six months.  She is the Author of other Best Selling Books as well.  As Playwright has been added to all of her accomplishments, stay tuned for other upcoming Stage Productions.


Keesha’s motto in life that has kept her going, even during what seems to be the most darkest days, are these things to remember: have crazy faith when no one else can see it, you must see yourself in that vision before it happens, treat people the way you would treat yourself accordingly,  know your worth, set boundaries and stick to them. This is when you will see what is really behind the mask of others. 


As Keesha was brought up in a Christian home , believing in God, her favorite scripture is: Romans 8:28 As we know ALL things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” 


And lastly, Keesha has learned a few KEY lessons from her parents (whom she calls her Angels) ( Pastor Sinclair Rivers Jr and Dr. First Lady Rose Rivers) that she would like to share on this life journey for others: 


- Life is what YOU make it (no one else to blame)

- Keep your private life SEPARATE from business 

- FAITH will take you places that others will doubt

- Support who supports YOU 

- What God has started, HE WILL FINISH! 

Lady ( Queen) Ms. Keesha Rivers 

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